Jay Sewall Duets 1

jay sewall

Duets 1 from Jay Sewall is a interesting and charming listen. By having the duets stance and perspective to the album this really let Jay explore with many different sounds, styles and genres. Although Jay still kept close to a Blues feel to the album there are a couple of off centred songs that stand out comparing to other tracks on the album. I would definitely recommend the acoustical tracks throughout the album, for me they are the songs that strictly stand out to me.

Duets 1 opens up with my most favourite track off of the album with a song titled “I’m A Lonesome Cat”. The blues guitar riff instantly caught my ears the second I listened to the song. The Harmonica playing in the song is another highlight of the song as well. The vocal approach to the track is a little different than I first expected to hear, I firstly assumed that Jay would have matched his vocals to illustrate the same deepening sound of the guitar riff. The easy to follow lyrics for me clear the way for the vocal varying vocal approach.

I can guarantee with the next song you’re going to be left with either a pair or at least one infectious moment in the second track titled “Shabby Doo Bop”. I will put my money you will be hooked on the performance of the titled of track. Then there is the quick whistling moment that hits after the halfway mark in the song.

“Take A Chance” picks up the album in a blues swing stride. The Harmonica really stands out throughout the track. The lead guitar work and especially the tone, oh that guitar tone is such a great and sweet sound. The blend of 70’s Rock, Blues and Country is a great sounding mix throughout. The bass definitely gets its stride and sound out during the song as well.