Jupiter Hollow Odyssey EP

Jupiter Hollow
Odyssey EP

If you are a fan of Rush in anyway then your are definitely going to be able to relate and enjoy this album. Think of Odyssey as a 2017 version of Rush, but with heavier guitar riffs and more psychedelic attributes.

The album starts off the way any great Rock/ Progressive album should, a brilliant and thick guitar riff. The intro of “Deep In Space” opens this album right out. It would have been even better if they kept up the enthusiasm a solid line throughout the song, instead of letting the tempo drown out later on in the song. The tempo mix in the song is a interesting and creative one. In the one hand I would like to hear the song as the solid upbeat and strong version but also the way they build the song up and add in a tremendous amount of generous guitar riffs makes up for the tempo loss. As I listened to the song more and more it’s almost as if the song was created as a mix of two or three different songs.

It’s also hard to believe that this album is comprised of a duo, especially due to the amount of instrumentation that presents itself throughout each song. This is one of those albums where I would love to see the Youtube recording play through videos on. Also the amount of layers that they must have in each song must be up there.

Being a progressive rock album there is still an experimentation element to the album as well. I found the vocals are one of the main points in this. The vocal ranges are quite impressive especially when they hit the higher scales. I really like the fact that the higher notes are contained and expressed in a willing and not forceful way. They sound as if they belong and not as an over acting layer.

Odyssey Ep Track List
1. Deep In Space
2. Ascending
3. Hades Heart
4. Over 50 Years
5. Odyssey


The EP is available on iTunes, Amazon