Kasador Ep


Self titled Ep

Released just a couple of months ago Kingston’s own Kasador released their debut Self Titled Ep. The album is a definite energizing impact to the Electronic/Rock scene locally and abroad. I would like to add in Indie scene as well but if this album takes off the way I see it going the Indie label will be an aged term real soon. Having the abitilty to still jump and use the University, college radio and campus venue circuit to their full advantage.

Right away the opening track on their self titled Ep “Talk About It” jumps right out at your ears. The opening riff drives their energetic and catchy vibe right into your head. Then all of a sudden your ears are met with a sudden and infectious groove of the Bass. I believe there are fans of Michael Jackson in the band especially when the Boris hits the bass groove at 1:38. For me that quick riff stands right out in the song. Then further down the line at 2:51 that mild and higher pitched scream furthers my suspicions. Also if you are a fan of Bruno Mars I’m pretty sure you will dig “Talk About It” as well. The smoothing and slickness of the lead vocals from Will seemingly slide and rest right over the top of the overall instrumental layers of the song. The softer and harmonizing backing vocals really help push the vocal end of the song as well. I found they really add quite a bit of sound and pop attitude to the track.
“Neighbourhood” is another single which Kasador has released from the Ep, and with good reason. A little bit mellower than the first track, Kasador still picks it up with the bottom line groove of the track. There is no denying that the bass runs away with this track throughout the song. The use of the backing vocals are really put together nicely and adds almost a shadowing effect to the track. There is also the extra added use of layers to add an extra effect to the backing vocals as well. The use of the synth throughout the song helps give the song an almost 80’s feel to the track as well. I like how it’s played into the track and doesn’t override or take anything else away from the song. The use of small sound effects also go off without a hitch as well, being as small as they are. To finish cap off the song I really like the vintage guitar sound they went with starting at the 3:40 mark. The lead guitar sound and work really finishes off the song quite nicely. It would be interesting to know how they decided to break away from the overall sound of the song thus far and decided to end the song with such an ear catching way.

Comparing to their what you may or may not call their first release as The Will Hunter Band, due in part of the guys rebranding themselves as Kasador, their sound has definitely evolved in a short matter of time. Also they have really established and found a more specific sound that they toying with their previous album