Kennan Moving Company New Colors


New Colors is a vibrant and energetic character of an album from Keenan Moving Company. The Seven selected tracks on New Colors plays along the edge of New Indie Soul, Pop and Rock. Each song contains its own characteristics that makes each song a stepping stone off of the album. The experimentation within the album and overall sound is quite satisfying to a new listener. The ease of sound and flowing horn section really smooths the album over. The tempo remains pretty constant throughout the album which goes nicely with the smoothness of each song.

My favourite selection from New Colors Ep is the first track “Charades”, but the title track is a definite close second. If I had a choice with what song I would release to radio and as the first single it would be a difficult choice between the two tracks, I would be releasing the two tracks either way. The tone of the opening guitar hook in “Charades” may sway your thought on this track at the beginning but just hold on. The bass really packs a decent sounding punch in the song and really helps push out the groove in the song. The tone of the brass is what makes this song come together. The addition of the keys also gives the song a bit of an age feel as well. In fact the bass also adds the 70’s flare to the song. If you have time you can check out the video

If it wasn’t for the updated sounding vocals “I wasn’t lying” I’m pretty sure would fool quite a few people by thinking this track was plucked right from the 70’s.

If you have dug the album so far than there is no way that you will be able to deny the intro in “New Colors”. The groove and rhythm of the song is quite catchy in its own right as well. The song is also tricky as well, one might be able to draw quite the few references within the song as well. The instrumental writing aspect of the song I bet had to be an interesting and time consuming one, especially within the brass. The keys really add a huge element and layer to the song and also help push the 70’s sound in the song.