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My favourite duo Kris and Dee are on the verge of releasing their brand new album A Great Long Game. In only a couple of Days The Album release party is set for Kingston at The Mansion once again.

Kris and Dee are well known for writing their personal journeys and life experiences into their music with their previous album and A Great Long Game follows the direct path of their previous albums, Bloom and Still Here Inside.

One song in particular “Beach” which is also the opening song to A Great Long Game paints a perfect picture to go along with the various social media posts that Kris and Dee have posted over the past couple of years with personal and musical journeys. The lyrics in “Beach” are humourous and also musically inspiring as they go into a fragment of details of the personal/career choices that both Kris and Dee have made. Kris and Dee also supply a sample of details into their little get away close to home and even to the point of describing their wine glasses which they bring on each trip. Their song also intrigues me a little with the synth sound effect that they used in the intro and ending of the song, you can also hear the synth sound effect throughout the song but you really have to be listening for it to catch it I found. The keys were also a nice touch to song, they hit at just the right moment and help move the transition of the song over. I also found with the soft and smooth harmonies from Kris and Dee really shares the sincerity of the lyrics.

Up next is my choice for the first single from the album with “Cold Chisel”. I also like the simple story behind the album title as well. This song really showcases the metaphorical lyrical writing side and style of Dee. After listening to the song as many times as I have since I received the album in the mail I’m probably still misinterpreting the meaning of the lyrics. The instrumentation layering of the song is nicely put together as well. The synth was a nice addition to the song as well, I found it really filled out the song nearing the end of the song.

Ah finally “Mackerel Sky” has found its way onto an album. Here is a song that I have heard for the past little while and wondering when it was going to appear on an album. The song has progressed since I first heard Kris and Dee play this song live and I’m pretty sure it was at the Kingston Women’s Art Festival when I first hear the song. The recorded version has a really nice electric lead by Kris throughout the song. Hearing drums added to the track also beefs up the song as well. The synth also adds a different sounding layer onto the song, in middle of the song I found it almost simulates the sounds of rain falling by the way the synth is being played.

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