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The riffs and hard hitting guitar solos in this album is what makes the album stand out for me. It’s a hard thing to say but I feel that the growls and screams hurt the instrumental aspect of this album on a few occasions. I think if the vocals were cleaned up the album would take on a whole different sound and direction, but again this idea of mine totally destroys Laika’s sound and recorded integrity on this album. There are just so many riffs that instantly make you start to headbang, but the flow is funnelled and stomped out by the vocals. The compositions of the song with the added sound effects also adds quite a bit of integrity to the instrumental aspect of the album.

The album starts off with a quick classic/gothic sounding instrumental track which seems to be getting more and more popular, even though this idea has been around for quite sometime I have really started to hear this soundtrack idea every two out of three Metal albums that I get.

The soundtrack leads your right into a wall as the ripping guitars and drums of “Restless Mind” kicks in. This is one song where the harsh vocals work along side of the guitars in certain spots in the song. The backing vocal/sound effects in the song add a decent sounding effect to the song, and I like how they are faded out and don’t play throughout the entire song and are used when needed. Blair really does a number on the drums throughout this song, his timing between the cymbals, the snare and the kick drum for me makes a impact on the song especially with his cymbal playing. To finish off the song Jordan rips right through his vocals to give the song a heavy ending.

Track five titled “Caligae A Galea” is my favourite song off of Somnia. The second I heard the opening riff for the song, “Caligae A Galea” instantly became my favourite. But for me this is one of the songs where the growls hurt the overall sound of the song. The vocals match up to the lyrics per say, but for me they don’t match up to the guitars and keys in the song. Now the vocals do play a critical role at one point in the song just after the three and a half minute mark even for this short period of time, they did bring me back into the song after I listened to the album for a couple of times and started to sway away for a bit of time. The keys are playing at a higher key during the song and are almost hidden from the guitars and growl but do stick out enough to be heard because of the higher key. The extra layering in the song also jumps out of the song as well, and gives the song quite a bit of an extra kick. The bass solo from Mike that hits near the midway through the song should be able to get you head banging again, not as hard as the intro but enough to help you follow the rhythm again.


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