Like Animals Feral


Like Animals brand new release titled Feral is an openly constrictive offering. The album is more or less based on a raw expressive view. The alternative and experimental assessment throughout the album leaves you wondering what Like Animals were trying to accomplish througout the Ep. The vigorous guitar playing is met with melodic riffs at times, but also strays away from the main sight of the song. There maybe a few too many layers added into each track, possibly as a last minute addition in the mixing stage. There are a few hidden gem riffs are based throughout the album but they are gone almost as quickly as they appear.

The vocals throughout Feral is something that I could not overcome. There was an attempt to cover many different styles throughout the album, but I just found they came up flat and stale in comparison to the sound and style of the guitars.

The intro in “The Lion’s Share” for me was one of the strong points on the album. They do stay intact with the intro sporadically throughout the track which for me binds the songs together. But the experimentation with the vocals and even the solos seem to deter the overall sound of the track. The aggressive scowls bring to life what the melodramatic vocals couldn’t do. The lead vocals and backing vocals prize more of a Garage band than anything else.