Lyon Apprentice Be Honest Be Wild Be Free

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Lyon Apprentice
Be Honest Be Wild Be Free

Be Honest Be Wild Be Free Ep from Australia’s Lyon Apprentice, is a five song E.P that has a Rock and Pop ambiance feel to each song. One song in particular “Beautiful Tonight” will have fans of City and Colour definitely wanting to hear more from Lyon Apprentice.

Be Honest Be Wild Be Free starts off with a powering pop song titled “I Will Find You”. Now the song doesn’t start off in any powerful manner, the song stays a steady coarse and slowly builds up to the final climax before teetering over and going back down to its humble beginnings. The vocals in the song is a definite highlight for me especially when they are added as a layer in the climatic verses of the song. The recording and mixing of the song and album is quite well put together. For me when you can clearly hear a shaker being played and have a positive use for one instead of just using the shaker as a backing instrument for someone simply to play stands out that bit more.

“Beautiful Thought” is a gentle and nice little acoustic gem on the Ep. Fans of City And Colour should surely be able to grasp a hold on this song. If you don’t fall for the acoustics then the vocals will definitely do it for ya. The song is not strictly an acoustic song, there is a nicely timed percussion beat placed throughout the song. There is also a tambourine that holds it own and basically becomes a large fragment of the backbone in the song. If the lead vocals were not already enough to grab you in then surely the harmonies later on in the song has to do it for you. I will admit that right away that I was drawn into the song from the opening chord progression but there is no way I could leave the song without being in a bit of an awe state from the vocals.

Track Listing:
1. I Will Find You
2. Be Careful
3. Beautiful Thought
4. Castles In The Sky
5. Letter To Nowhere