Melanie Peterson Anywhere From Here

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Melanie Peterson
Anywhere From Here

Earlier this week Melanie Peterson released her brand new album titled Anywhere From Here. The album is a soothing blend of country, folk and pop songs which are all sugar coated with Melanie’s smooth and creamy vocals.

Melanie decidedly chose to stray away from a specific genre and style during Anywhere From Here. Throughout each song on Anywhere From Here you are greeted with an upbeat melody and atmosphere which is provided by the vocals from Melanie.

Anywhere From Here opens up with a cross between a pop song and a light touch of reggae. It may be a reach to add the reggae title to the song, but it’s the brass and bass groove in the song that warrants the title for me. Also the brass at the start of the song is quite a hook in the song. The brass hits a few times throughout the song and in such a touchy manner that it really stands out and adds such a great flavour to the song. The backing vocals are also a nice additive to the track as well, they just slide right under Melanie’s lead vocals. The overall rhythm of the track is quite enjoyable as well. “Truth Talking” would be my choice for a first single off of Anywhere From Here.

Up next is a completely different tone with a country song titled “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire”. What I like the most about the track is the fact that this is not a New Country sound, Melanie gives a nice classic sound to the track. The slide guitar that plays in the background couldn’t have been played or recorded any better. I kind of wish the bridge work in the song would have lasted a bit longer. A foot tapper of a song? Yes it is. Melanie’s soft vocals really work out well in the track, especially near the ending when they are going with a heavier finish. I could definitely see a commercial radio possibility for this song.

“Good On Paper” is another country track from the album. “Good On Paper” takes a step away from the classic country sound compared to “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire” as there is more a pop flavour added to the track. The bridge work again, especially with the lead guitar sounds great. Melanie’s soft vocals again stand right out in the track, and are pushed forward by the backing vocals.

The guitar rhythm and lead work is something you have to check out in “Who Says”.