Merkabah Ubiquity

Merkebah-QC-Album-300x300Begininng the album with “Mythomania” Merkabah decided to go easy on your ears by leading you into their realm with a light piano intro. To give the intro an extra kick and gothic sound a guitar solo plays out overtop of the keys with a sound that is straight out of a horror movie. When Merkabah leads in with the synth the full gothic sound takes a full but quick stride. The overall mixing of the song is nicely put together. It could have easily buried Jacinthe Poulin vocals thankfully they didn’t and actually did the reverse and put her vocals front and centre. I really liked how they placed the drums on the track when Nicolas Bilodeau hit up the kick drum for speed they really showcased that aspect of the drums. Even the guitar solos are nicely cut out in the song as well especially at the two fifty mark. Jacinthe really has a wicked set of pipes on her she is definitely not afraid to show off the different styles, tones and notes that she can hit. The ending to the song is a interesting listen, there is a huge sound of 80’s electronica. The electronic tone that is given to your ears from the guitars and keys was quite a shock at first. I thought it was a great idea to finish off the song by going back to the one minute mark of the song and replaying the same deep combination from the guitars and drums.

“Divine Sparks” keeps the speed and pace going on Merkabah. The intro to this song is my favourite off of the album, and there is not other song that matches it’s power on the album. The combination of the Jacinthe vocals and the synth really adds a great sounding layer to the song. I actually found the synth layer really benefited the song to the 45 second mark, it just gives you something else to listen to along with the drums and guitars. The intro does make another quick appearance later on in the song. The lead guitar in the song is something that cannot be passed over, the use of different techniques and tones bridges the verses together and gives your ears a couple of great sounding solos during the song as well.

With Jacinthe vocals you don’t get what you might expect for a metal album she keeps within a smooth and rooted range and keeps the songs sounding and going in the same direction throughout the album. I thought at a few points in time that she was going to go into classical soprano or opera style, as there is quite a few spots on the album where I could easily see this style being used but Jacinthe keeps her vocals within her smooth and polished boundaries.
She doesn’t mix in any shrieks or harsh throat ripping vocals which really after listening to the album a few times I couldn’t see how a harsh or shrieking style would fit in.

“Circles of Despair” is my favourite song off the album. From the first time I listened to the album this song instantly became my favourite. There are a few different reasons why this song is my favourite. One of the main reasons is the use of the keys in this song how they emulate a 70’s rock feel (pointing towards a Deep Purple sound). The guitar riffs and licks throughout the song give you the sound of 70’s and 80’s Riff Metal. You also have to hear the solo that hits at the 3:40 mark of the song.