Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty I Ain’t Dyin’

Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty
I Ain’t Dyin’

The intro into “Leave The Porch Light On” really sets the album in the right lane from the get go. I really like how the riff does a reverse fade. The easy going riff sets you right into the mood for the rest of the album as well.The Southern Swamp and Blues element stands right out in this track, in fact If it wasn’t for the writing in the bio sheet, I would have never guessed or pointed towards I Ain’t Dyin by Mississippi Live and The Dirty Dirty is a Canadian release. The vocals work, and sound great throughout the track. My favourite aspect/ part with the vocals is when they are matched with the guitar rhythm in the track. The bridge work/ solo guitar work also works out really well. I like the fact that it doesn’t saturate everything else in the song.

Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty prove that while releasing an ep it gives you the opportunity to venture and experiment with your tracks. Tempo wise Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty really stretch out this ep. With the second track on the album “On The Inside” slows and softens things right up. Following suit with the next track is a sombrely track with “I Ain’t Dying”.

Lyrically “Yes Ma’am” stands out from all the other ones. I got a few chuckles from the lyrics in this one. The first verse acts as a first paragraph in short story with the song, as it sets the tone with the lyrics for what is to come. The quick intro I could have done without in the track though, I just found that it doesn’t really serve a purpose with anything else during the song. The Southern Country pickin sound great in the track and with the tone of the guitar it really makes it a sound all on its own.