MonkeyJunk Moon Turn Red



Just releasing their fourth release titled Moon Turn Red MonkeyJunk is riding high with this high energy Rock and Blues Album. Moon Turn Red has also involved a few high end players either behind the Glass and Board or lending a musical hand.


MonkeyJunk starts the album right on the perfect note and tempo with “Light It Up”.  Just with the title of the song is enough to set the album off, not to mention the perfect timing Steve lays down with the title within the chorus. Man when that solo harmonica hits your ears, it’s just at such a sweet velocity and sound, I could really see this being built into a beautiful setting and sound when they play “Light It Up” live. To me it sounds as if MonkeyJunk laid out the right length and momentum within each of the solos in the song just to antagonize your ears and gets you pumped for the rest of the album.


The album definitely has a collective sound and approach to the album as well. While still carrying on with their own sound MonkeyJunk also let their special guests put forth their flavours onto their tracks as well. Take in point the fantastic cover of “Hot Hot Papa”. MonkeyJunk were able to secure the one and only David Wilcox to perform on the track. The basis and spirit of the song is still intact but the song has definitely taken a serious and equally enjoyable listen. For blues guitar aficionado this song is a definite hit for you. The tempo has been taken down a few notches but I found this turn doesn’t damper the song in anyway. Another favourite note I have to make on the song is when David changes up the lyrics just little bit, I’m sure you will get a little bit of a chuckle out of the lyrics as well.


Following “Hot Hot Papa” is Reggae and Blues induced song titled “Love Attack”. For the special guest with this track they recruited one of my favourite musicians Gordie Johnson to play the Hammond Organ, so it’s easy to hear and say where the Reggae feel from the song comes from. The extra kick with the gang backing vocals was a nice touch to help push out the title and strengthen out the chorus that little bit more.


“Live Another Day”, is an interesting song to listen to especially with the intro that lasts for a little over thirty seconds.  As I listened to the intro for the first time I didn’t really foresee the song taking the turn that the song progressed into. I found that there are a few different sounds and eras that went into this track. There is a definite hint of the eighties within the guitars. But there is no mistaking the Stevie Wonder influence within the guitars as well, when I first listened to the song I immediately thought of Stevie and a take away sound from “Superstition” especially with the tone of the guitar. Here is another song that begs your eyes to see MonkeyJunk live; I know I am driven to see the pedal work for this song.