Moonlight Desires Just The Hits: 1981-1985

Moonlight Desires
Just The Hits: 1981-1985

Just The Hits: 1981-1985 by Moonlight Desires is an album that I can probably guarantee that you will not hear anywhere else. One of the main aspects and memories that you will take away from this album is how entertaining the album is.

Moonlight Desires Metal twist on these 80’s hits are well put together and performed throughout the album. Now with the Metal twist on a few of these songs you probably won’t feel the same guilt being caught singing along to the each song on the album.

One thing that this album helped me out with is remembering a few of these tracks and even brought forth a new song or two.

It would be interesting to learn how long they spent each track, as they took each song from the original version and revamped the song. I found that you could even say that they have made a couple of the songs their own. It would be cool if Radio picked up on this album and played a few of the tracks on air, especially with the newer alternative stations that are popping up.

The guys don’t waste anytime as the album begins the hard hitting “A Criminal Mind”. This is one of the tracks that they have made into their own. I really found that I was attracted to the guitars throughout the song, especially the lead. The vocals are something else that you will be unable to turn away from as well.

Up next is another song that hits the mark right away as “Sunglasses At Night” hits the light of day. If there was ever a pair of tracks to kick off a 80’s cover album I’m pretty sure Moonlight Desires couldn’t have done it any better. I was actually quite surprised by the amount of energy that Moonlight Desires exposes and expresses throughout the track. Again the guitar work really hit out the song.

“Promises Promises” is one of the tracks that I don’t believe that I have ever come across before, I even hopped onto youtube to listen to the original song. This is one of the few songs on the album that they have made their own. after listening to the original a couple of times I definitely prefer this version of the song.