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Self titled

Now here is a bit of a different sounding album. There is quite a bit going on throughout the album in forms of different genres and especially sounds. The album is a cross around alternative, folk and all the way down to a bit of pop as well. The Vocals standout as one of the many different sounding arrangements throughout the album. They seem to add a gleam of despair to a couple of songs. They almost put and undertone with the lyrics comparing to the happier sounding guitars.

After my first listen through the album “Scary People” was one of the first songs on the album that stood out from the others. The vocals take a couple of different approaches throughout its duration. The gloomy side of the vocals start the song off but they do change to a happier setting as the song progresses. The sounds of the Bass guitar and drums signal out toe tapper of a beat as the electric guitar is layered on as adding a noise effect to the song. The acoustic guitar that is being played reminded me instantly of the Tragically Hip setting up a few songs of theirs. The ambient sound that the layered on noise adds to the song actually works within the song throughout and I tended to just focus in on the sounds periodically throughout the song.

If you want to listen to a different lyrical song then you have to check out “Cover Me With Absinthe”. The song definitely has a few Gypsy qualities to it.

“Zelda” adds in the pop flavour and element into the song. The opening guitar solo instantly brings out the pop flavour in the song. The vocals also surprised me a bit as well as I listened to the song for the first time. I was expecting the same low key vocals but in this song they are turned around and have a more cheerful sound. I could see this song making a college/university radio push, as the song does makes strides into a Indie Rock sound.

As “Post Armegeddon” begins to play, I would have swore that I was about to hear a slower and tamed down cover of Gary Glitters Rock and roll part 2.