Nadia Kazmi Lamb


I didn’t really know what to expect when I first turned on the album, and wow was I ever surprised when the first track “Kill The Monster” began to play. This alternative track right away became the song to beat on the album. The energy that comes from the track pushes the expectancy with the rest of the album  , as I listened to the lyrics and paid attention a little bit more, I began to wonder if there was a The Hunger Games reference thrown in with the line “Who will be the victor” but really this is probably just my mind wandering as the lyrics in the song coincide throughout the song. The vocals though, does Nadia ever play around with tempos and aggression throughout the track and it works so well throughout the song.

“Father Knows Best” is another surprising track on the album. The guitars and rhythm in the song own this song. If you are a fan of the Sheepdogs and the sound that they represent then you can dig this song for sure. I think I would have liked to hear a different approach with the vocals on this one. More or less a sound more suited for the 70’s rock sound that is being played, and not the alternative style of vocals that Nadia is pushing. Now don’t get me wrong she does still gives you a stellar performance especially when she digs deep at the 1:45 mark. It’s a small spot but it caught my ears.

One note that I have to make is the length of the songs. They are short comparing to most alternative rock tracks, however on the plus side of this she is setting herself up nicely for possible radio play as well. If I had to choose which songs I would send off to radio I would go with Kill The Monster as my first choice, Father Knows Best second and Lamb In Wolf’s Clothing third.