Ninjaspy Spüken


Spüken must have been an interesting one to record in the studio and especially being involved within the mixing phase. Layer wise applying the backing vocals, and samples I think may have been one of the most painstaking aspect with the mixing. The backing vocals range from Deep Growls, to Heavy quick chants and alternative endings. Take the fifth song
Become Nothing, in this track Ninjaspy even have horns added into the mix, and the vocals being the lead and backing have a huge impact on the sound of the song and are quite entertaining.

This album is really unlike anything that you may have listened to are will hear again in the near future. It feel it will take you a few listens through the album to grasp onto the album, but If you are just looking for something to stir things up and to give yourself an interesting and entertaining listen then this album is for you, If you have OCD then not so much. Each track on the album is definitely not like the last or even next. The guitars range from 70’s rock, Metal and even a hint of Jazz.

Spüken starts off as any album should with a catchy guitar riff that brings you into the track and album. The bass guitar definitely takes and makes the rhythm throughout the song. Throughout Speak the bass of the song still remains heavily embedded and noticeable. When Speak breaks away and goes more into a Jam sound and setting I really found myself hearing the likes of Stone Temple Pilots and I Mother Earth in the song. Around the four minute mark the combination of the guitars and drum beat really stands out in the song. This would be an area of the song that I would think about extending during a live show. Now, I almost forgot to mention the vocals, they give Speak its almost Metal sound but still I would put the overall sound of the vocals and track into a Rock Alternative sound.

Up next is a song called Shuriken Dance. First off you have to check out the song at 1:27 and listen to the vocals, it’s a quick snippet that happens more than once but definitely stands out, System Of A Down fans will enjoy this mark. Even the guitar breakdown kicks in as well to really focus your ears on the vocals. The song in itself is more I would say a experimental Metal song, I just found that there are so many different ideas and sounds rockin in the song to really narrow it down to anything specific. Again if you are looking for a sound that doesn’t conform to anything specific you are going to like Shuriken Dance.