Nowfrago In Love With The Blackbird

To say that In Love With The Blackbird from Nowfrago is a collection on contemporary and experimental sounds would be an understatement. The album is a definitive collection of music that has been systematically and spiritually placed together from Matthias Gunsch. The album is a solo project of Matthias, which was a hard fought labour of complacent for Matthais. In Love With The Blackbird was not an album which Matthias simply went into a studio and recorded. This album is completed by many, many different samples, directions and also recorded in many different locations which Matthias hand picked. The writing and especially the final thought processes that went into every track must have been an energized and empowering process.

If you were to try and pin point In Love With The Blackbird down to a specific genre or even a category you may be left in a substantial dilemma. Experimentation/fusion across jazz, world, pop, rock, string, indie, would be a good start. This is also an album which warrants many listens while trying to dilute yourself into the world of Nowfrago and In Love With The Blackbird.

The Introduction of In Love With The Blackbird hits your ears instanly with such experimental agility. You could say that “Grandiosa” is stepping platform for which the album is based from. It would be interesting to learn how or why Matthais decided to open the album with the sounds and design as he did. With the current of samples and varied instruments and styles there still seems to a general rhythmic approach to the overall sound of “Grandiosa”.

Not every song on In Love With The Blackbird is a experimental arrangement. Using “Everything Is Reluminated” as an example. This track has more of a pop and jazz adaptation comparing to mainstay sound from the album. The background of the track is saturated in a soothing and mild to smooth brass accent. The vocals from Matthias pursues most of the atmospheric sound throughout the song. The balance between the vocals and all of the instruments also finds a self leveling center to where nothing is overshadowed or pushed away from the song.