Odium Terraform



Terraform from Canadian Metal band Odium is a Dark Melodic Heavy Metal album with motley vocals which brew growls mixed with coherent and alternative style vocals. Above and behind the vocals there is the execution of heavy technical and vigorous guitar riffs, solos and melodic themes. The darkness and almost gothic feel/sound of the album comes from the various electronic sound capsules and cuts due from the overlapping of strings and keys. The use of the extra electronic sounds really have a mass effect on the album especially since Odium does not over saturate your ears with the embedded sound.

For me what works the most in the album is the melodic atmosphere and sound of the album. There are still a mass amount of solos and riffs but the overall sound is pushed by a melodic sound. The vocals also help push the melodic sound as well, Andrew follows along with the instrumentation of each song. By using a wide range of different vocal styles in each song I can almost go as far to say that Andrew is actually creating the style and overall sound of the song. For myself I keep hearing signs of Volbeat lead singer Michael Poulsen throughout the album in different small pockets. The use of backing vocals is very minuscule throughout the album but the backing vocals do help the lead vocals along when they do hit.

The intros in each song has its own striking sense of conquer. One concept with the intros throughout the album is the intros do not reflect the overall style or sound of the coming track. Take “Delusion” for example the quiet gothic intro is nothing in comparison to the onslaught to what is about to hit your ears.

“The Cell” is one of my favourite tracks on the album. For me it has a large slice of an 80’s Metal influence infused with the opening minute of the track due in part from the lead guitar. The song is cut together really well, especially level wise. The rhythm is proportionate to the lead guitar in the track. The cymbal work at the start of the track is also a great touch to the song. The higher pitched sound pierces through the guitars to make itself heard. There is even a nice left to right studio touch thrown In the song as well. Seeing this instrumental track live would be a great opening number to their set.