Omega Diatribe Abstract Ritual


Abstract Ritual is a Metal Fused album, Omega Diatribe capatalizes on the use of a few different types of Metal throughout the E.P. The heavy Screaming vocals from Gergely Komáromi creates a heavy alliance between the guitars and drums throughout the album. I found the vocals don’t necessarily drive the sound of the album overall. I found the vocals more or less played on top or layered overtop of the music on the album. The writing of the album is a unique to the band as well.

If you are a fan or Riff Metal, then you will probably enjoy this album. The biggest deal for me with Riff aspect of the album is the fact that the riffs are easy going and easy to follow throughout the album. They are not over burdening you with a wall of intense sound, yet you can easily follow along with each song. They also make room for a solo and lead work as well but I found the riff aspect within each song almost took the leads away.

I can’t get enough of the intro into the title track “Abstract Ritual”. I’m not sure exactly what it is with the simple riff but I’m going to say it’s the tone and the simplicity of the riff that makes me a fan of intro. The best part for me especially is the fact that the riff carries on throughout the track. There instrumental breaks in the track and nice and long as well. The combination and relationship between the vocals, guitar and drums goes in a few different directions throughout the song as well.