Paint Where We Are Today

Paint Where We Are Today

Finally, a few of the songs that Paint has been playing over the past couple of Kingston Shows finally find themselves on an album titled Where We Are Today. Catchy Indie Rock sounding guitar hooks, soft yet heavily modified pop vocals with strongly deep written lyrics  all combine into an album that changes its course throughout each song never striving to settle on anything less than to captivate your attention.I knew it was going to happen at some point in time when Boomerang and Vampires would find a home. It was a bit of  a tease which Paint led on each night playing these songs but making you wait until you could bring the songs home.The recorded quality of the album can not be beat. There must have been a large portion of time and effort put into the recording and mastering process for this album. Robb’s vocals reign supreme throughout each song. There is a hint of a little change from their previous album Can You Hear Me? In Robb’s vocals but a very slight change. I really enjoyed the sound of Robb’s addition to the backing vocals as well is certain songs which was a good idea upon his part as I am pretty sure no one else in the band can sing as he can.

The album starts off with Boomerang. The song starts off with a high hitting guitar intro which travels throughout the song coming out a few times in the song. This song is an great example of Robb hitting out the lead and backing vocals. I’m pretty sure there is no other vocals which would be a fittingly match to Robb lead vocals. The song takes a couple of side steps one of these steps is around the two and a half minute mark while they slow down the tempo with Robb adding in a light sounding backing vocals, (I also didn’t know Andre knew how to play the drums so lightly, if you have ever watched Paint before live you know what I mean, I have never heard anyone hit the drums throughout a set as he does before ). Paint slowly begins to pick up the tempo again after a little over thirty seconds almost sounding as if this part serves as a bit of a break before everyone restores to the faster tempo and finishes out the last remaining minute of the song before the songs fades out for the ending.

Traveling down a few tracks on the album I had to come to a stop at “If the Walls Could Talk”. Starting off with a mild mannered intro compared to what is to come in the rest of the song. The lead guitar riffs in the song take the song in different directions throughout its entirety. For some reason this is the one song which I pay more attention to the lyrics than any of the other songs. I don’t know why I do, but for some reason I do. I would like to know if there are any hidden meanings behind a few of the lyrics or the original idea behind the song came to be. A couple of snippets I have to take out of the song are.

Did Courtney kill Cobain
What became of Ritchie James
Happy birthday Mr. President
Happy birthday you
Be gentle overdose
Superman in comatose

I might be met with a little disagreement on this call but to me this is one of my choices for the best songs on the album.

“Vampires” finishes off the album, the song starts off with a riff that sounds as if it is a slow cross between  Sloan and a AC/DC Riff but really toned down. The vocal mix between Robb’s lead and backing vocals are recorded and placed really well throughout the song. During the break between a couple of the verses I found myself enjoying the chord progression but it took a couple of listens through the song before I took notice. To finish off the song and the album the songs comes to a close with a prolonged fade out.

You can pick up your copy of Where We Are Today by visiting their site