Panic Cell Bitter Part Of Me

Panic Cell Bitter Part Of Me

Panic Cell hails from the UK and have released their debut album Bitter Part Of Me. The album is nothing less than a In Your Face Heavy Metal and Hard Rock album. Just listening to the album for the first time it sounded to me that this can’t be a debut album. Bitter Part Of Me sounds more of a second or a third album that a band would release. Just a way to prove that Panic Cell Heavy Metal sound is one to look out for and give a listen to is the fact that they have toured with other Heavy Metal greats such as American Head Charge, Disturbed, Mudvayne, and Staind just to name a few.

Bitter Part Of Me is ten tracks longs and clocking in at just over 50 minutes. I was surprised at the length of the album because most debut albums just pass the thirty minute mark or falls short of thirty minutes.

Panic Cell is comprised of five member which include Luke Bell is the power behind the vocals. Harjeet Virdee (Hedgey) is just one part of the melodic guitar riffs that can be heard, Kelly Downes (Kenji) is the other heavy hitting guitar half. Bobby Town plays the full toned bass guitar, and finally there is Lee Turner who is the commanding and compelling man behind the drums.

“Damn Self Pity” is the first track on Bitter Part Of Me. Right from the first song I knew I was going to enjoy this album. The drums right from the start is Jack Hammer heavy and fast which then leads into a heavy and catchy guitar riff. The first minute of the song is a melodic collage of Kelly, Harjeet, Bobby, and Lee pulling out their guns to make the listener strap on their seat belt because they are in for one hell of a ride throughout the rest of the album. Also what I noticed is that you can understand what Luke Bell is singing unlike a lot of Heavy Metal bands and songs that I have listened to.

“Away From Here” is the second song on Bitter Part Of Me. Heavy, Powerful and energetic are just a couple of things that come to mind right after the song started. Bobby has a great part in this song. He helps out with making sure the song stays deep and heavy, Bobby also has a couple nice little bass guitar solo that I find helps the song out a great deal.

The Third track which is “Save Me” is one of my favourite tracks off of the album. Lee Turner on the drums is what brought this song to my attention. The speed and the head pounding sound just plain out did it for me in this track. Also at the end of the song there is an arm hair raising scream to finish out the track.

In the end this album was all about Heavy Metal and what it stands for. The band members Heavy Metal influences can be heard throughout every track. Metallica, Slayer and Iron Maiden are just a couple mentions that can be referred to Panic Cells sound. Throughout all the songs on the album their were many great guitar solos and riffs that just screams and pounds you to bring your attention to Panic Cell, and to pick up Bitter Part Of Me when you see it in stores.