Pat Loiselle Sonny Boy Gumbo’s Blues


Pat Loiselle
Sonny Boy Gumbo’s Blues

Pat Loiselle has arranged a pretty impressive and special album of originals and cover songs with his album Sonny Boy Gumbo’s Blues. Pat has a different approach and touch to each song that he has chosen to cover on the album. With “Pretty Thing”, Pat stayed pretty close to the originality of the Bo Diddley recording. “No Expectations” is an interesting cover of note as well.

Sonny Boy Gumbo’s Blues starts off on a high spirited note with the track “Pretty Thing” by Bo Diddley. Right away you will notice that the guitar has a special sound and recording technique to its sound. Now depending on your preference you may enjoy this sound or you may not. My bet is if you love the blues you will and also if you are into older vinyl recording you are going to be into the sound. The foot Tamborine in “Pretty Thing” adds a layer to the song but I’m on the fence whether I like it or not. It’s quite visible in but partially distracting in a few spots as well.

“Nicky’s Shuffle” is an original song from Pat. With this track he shows his Jazz side. The guitar playing still is heavy on the blues side but still has signs of a jazz sound as well. What really brings out the jazz sound in the track is the drums especially the snare. The harmonica was a nice sounding layer to the track. The track is also a instrumental song as well that is if you are not including the quick intro.

Right away during my first listen through the album “Catfish Blues” caught my ears. It was all in the intro that brought me into the track. The guitar riff is just too catchy to ignore with this one. There are also a few good licks thrown into the song throughout. The harmonica hits at just the right moments in the song and hit the right notes as well, also I like the fact that the harmonica does not over saturate the song either. If you get a chance to listen to this album which you should you need to check out the timing hit that plays at the minute forty mark, I look forward in hearing this spot every time I listen to the track.
Another note that I have to make is the fact to me the song has a history/dated feel to it, but with a newly engineered sound.