Pat Zelenka – Lofi Happiness

Pat Zelenka – Lofi Happiness

When I first received this album I though that I was going to hear an album that has Classic Rock songs recorded on to it. Also when I read the song titles it kind of out a twist into what I thought, especially when I read the last song titled One Man Sloppy Funk. When I finally put the album into my cd player I was taken for a ride down a psychedelic road.

With the opening song called Awakening it proved how looks can be deceiving. Awakening has that distinctive sound that can be heard in the backgrounds of many movie scenes that are focused on a desert mirage. Awakening can be used to describe how your hearing awakens to the sound that is distinctive to Pat Zelenka.

Above The Skies starts out with a bit of distorted noises that can I believe can be compared to a couple Led Zepplin songs plus other songs of the psychedelic age. After the distortion had settled it was off to hearing a mid pitched guitar riff. Above The Skies is also the second longest song on the album. If you are a fan of Pink Floyd or just listened to Floyd as you laid back on the couch and did a bit of Cid this is the song for you.

Lunar Strut/Martian Launch stands up to its name with the sound from the Keyboards that can be heard in the song. As I was listening to the song all I could think of was the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Funk In A plays out like it should. If I had to pick my favourite song off the album this song would be the one. While hearing the other songs on the album this song came out and surprised me. After reading the titles of the other songs I didnt think the style of music would change to follow the title. The song follows the funk feel and sound down to a funky fast paced upbeat sound.

When One Man Sloppy Funk came on to play Shaft is the first thing and really the only thing that comes to mind when I hear the starting and throughout the song.

The one thing that struck me the most during the duration of the album is that not a word is sang or spoken throughout the entire album. As I was reading the names of a couple of the songs the titles had been strictly creativity. Platypuss & Dolphin, Lunar Strut/Martian Launch, and Sloppy Samba Rock Freakout are the songs that I found had the most creativity in creating the names for the songs. The reason why I thought to mention that fact was that for not a word being spoken throughout the entire album I stopped to think how he was able to think of the names that Pat did for the songs. Another honorable mention for Pat Zelenka is that he was behind all the instruments for this album except for a couple of songs where he had a bit of help. All the songs for the album were written by Pat.