Patrick Ballantyne Days Of Rain

Patrick Ballantyne Days Of Rain
Patrick starts off his album with “King Of The Road” which is a song that I am quite familiar with. One of the songs co writers Meredith Shaw has her version of the song placed on one of her earlier albums. But it seems that I am a little more drawn into Patrick’s take on the song as he has a more of a rock edge to the song. The way he keeps his vocals in a higher pitch still helps keep a pop element in the song however. As I listened to the song more and more I found my self being intrigued more and more by the drum beat in the song. The drums well the snare essentially takes control of the beat throughout the song. Then there is the lead guitar solo that hits a little after a minute and a half in the song that is just a great showpiece/display of the song writing that you are going to hear throughout the rest of the album.

If the goal was to give Days Of Rain a nice and pleasant feel good start this song was the perfect choice.

As I listened to “Lift Me Up” for the first time I would have swore that I was listening to a theatrical score by the way Patrick leaned into the piano to start the song off. The song follows the same upbeat feel good tempo and sound as “King Of The Road”. There is also a couple of quick and sweet sounding guitar solos embedded into the track as well, but which are almost swept away from the slide guitar which will hit your ears out of nowhere near the middle of the song, then to put a final finishing touch on the song Patrick lays on the slide guitar once again.

Patrick definitely had a proper layout and design in mind when he created Days Of Rain by the way he pairs and runs songs into each other, first there is the title track “Days Of Rain” which is actually a sound effect track which runs into “Hundred Year Flood”. A couple of songs later, “Christmas Day” starts the chain of events off. As “Christmas Day” is finishing there is a backing track that appears which starts to draw out the sounds “Who I Am”. Now this backing track actually lasts for the full duration of “Who I Am”, but only lasts for about ten seconds or so at the starting of “Roll With It”.

“I Follow You” was a song that I was drawn into because of the acoustic playing style in the song. The slide guitar that is played throughout the song is a nice touch to the song and I’m in favour of how Patrick goes in between playing the harmonica and slide.  The harmonica is played just enough not to over saturate the song and still gives the slide an opportune sound support in the song.

Now I didn’t really expect to hear a country sounding song as “I’m Yours” on the album. For this song Patrick got a little help on the harmonica and backing vocals by Mr.Chill and Tom Hogarth on backing vocals as well. If you’re looking for a toe tapper of a song then this one will be the choice song off of the album.

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