Paul Langlois Not Guilty

Paul Langlois

Not Guilty

Paul Langlois sophomore album Not Guilty showcases a deeper and a more confident approach into his personal song writing by displaying a immersed blend of Classic Rock, Blues, and a bit of a Country touch.

Paul took a different approach into recording his second solo album, this time he entered the studio with a full backing band consisting of Rob Baker on Guitar, Mauro Sepe on drums, Jeff Montgomery on Bass. There are quite a few interesting facts and a bit of history that has gone into this album. Paul proves that you can never fully strike out a song; in fact he revisited a song from which he wrote when he was twenty. Personal experiences also played a major factor lyrically speaking on Not Guilty, as “Table’s Been Set” speaks about the enduring process which Paul went through when he lost his hearing in his right ear. If making a record and promoting a tour wasn’t enough work and time there was also a video made for the first single “Not Guilty”. Paul is currently on a five week cross Canada tour promoting not Guilty and will be wrapping up the tour in Kingston on the 21st at the Grand Theatre.

The title track “Not Guilty” finds itself placed second on the album. Right away in the introduction of the song the infectious guitar work from Rob Baker and Paul will grab ahold of you. The main riff in the song will surely dwell into your head as it did me. I almost find myself sometimes blanketing everything else out in the first verse of the song and seem to just focus in on the riff. The vocals in the chorus is another highlight of the song for me, the addition of Greg Balls backing vocals in the song adds a bit of a country sound and The Band sound as well. The ending to the song was a bit of a surprise at first as there is an extensive fade out to finish off the song.

“Table’s Been Set” is my second favourite songs off of Not Guilty, This is probably one of the only songs that Paul has written in anger as he displays his anger and frustration with an event which almost cost his musical career. Lucky for us this wasn’t the case! The opening riff into the song is quite short yet it does its job into catching our ears. Paul wastes no time at all in getting down to the true meaning behind in the song as the opening lyrics are “I got a ringing in my ear”.  One of the main factors that  I enjoy about the song is the fact that you can still hear the anger and dismay in Pauls vocals throughout the song especially when he hits the chorus there is that extra bit of emphasize that goes into a  couple of lines which to me really stands out.

Further down the album “It’s Dark” is one song that seems to stand out from the rest on the album. There is something about the way and overall gritty sound which the song produces that makes the song stand out. The slide guitar really stands out in the song and gives the song a different flavour all together, the slide seems to add that country feel to the song yet the song still stays into a cloud of a classic rock sound. The tempo of the song stays right on track with the deeper vocals which Paul performs in the song. The fade out the song was a little long for me but leads your straight into the upbeat tempo of the next song “Leading Me Down”.

You can pick up your copy of Not Guilty at any of current tour stops or you can visit the official Ching Music Label website