Peter Kelly Don’t Let Me Be Alone

pkm-album-cover-finalPeter Kelly
Don’t Let Me Be Alone

If you are looking for a feel good upbeat acoustic pop album then look no further than Don’t Let Me Be Alone by Peter Kelly. Now the album is not strictly an acoustic album, but the acoustic is one of the strongest elements throughout the album. The album also strikes along a couple of genres which include Pop, Rock and a touch of the Blues. Some people may think that I am stretching the Blues category a little bit but I believe with the sound of the second track titled “Inside Out” I’m sure I have a pretty strong argument in my favour.

Alongside of the instrumentation aspect of the album, Peter’s vocals reign in the strong sense throughout the album as well. Border lining along a mid to high soft approach with his vocals, I found he slides along a Pop sense throughout the album. The soft side vocals are a suiting match with each song. Now saying soft might be an approachable phrase as well, possible a mild to smooth finish may be more appropriate for some.

There are countless comparisons one could make while comparing Peter Kelly to other artists. One thing for sure is the fact that Peter can push himself onto a couple of different commercial radio platforms, which nowadays is definitely the way to go.

Starting off the album is in fact the title track “Don’t Let Me Be Alone”. When I listened to the song for the first time and during the first minute for some reason or another all I could think of was KT Tunstall. No rhyme or reason behind it, but If I really had to point a finger I would have to point towards the vocal performance, but only in the first minute of the song. The vocals have a couple of luring melodies to them. In particular I was brought towards the backing harmonies in the song, small in comparison to the big picture in the song but for me it was enough to take notice to.

“Inside Out” is another song that definitely strikes the right tone on the album. If there was a song that I had to choose to go to radio with, this track would definitely be the one that I would send away. The vocals are the highlight of “Inside Out”, my favourite aspect with the vocals is the fact tat Peter uses different tones and tempos throughout the track. The backing vocals, although small in comparison adds such a great layer onto the song. Especially at the 2:40 mark. The electric guitar pushes towards a blues sound in the song, but the vocals push towards a pop sound.