Planets ambient sound will give the listeners of Adult Contemporary Rock a fresh new face to look out for.

The Planets self-titled EP may surpass most people expectations as a new Adult Contemporary band. The EP offers four tracks which included the titles Firefly, Poetry, Into Hiding and Cycles.

The members of Planets include Chris Cosby on Vocals, Keyboards Chip Cosby on Lead Guitar Robley Ball on the Drums and Brian Bachman on the Bass Guitar.

Unlike some or most Adult Contemporary bands I have found that their sound keeps with the same type of flow and sound throughout all of their songs in their musical catalogues, where Planets seem to go with a different approach. A couple of their songs start off slower and speed up and vice versa.

Firefly starts off the Planets self titled EP. The song starts off with a small keyboard solo that is also played throughout the background in the song. The vocals however stay in a key that is between the keyboards and the guitars. The keyboards and the guitar really come together to make a great mix of sound. They blend in so well that if one of the instruments was not there the song would lose its unblemished sound.

As I listened to Poetry more and more I started to realize the barrage of different influences that seem to relate to Planets songs. Coldplay is the biggest influence that I can hear, a couple of other influences that I can relate Planets songs to are Radiohead, Keane, Snow Patrol and Lifehouse.

Poetry also starts off with a small keyboard bit but it doesn’t have a ear hooking sound as Firlefly did. The vocals stay within the same tone region as Firefly, the vocals stay within and in between the keys and the guitars and drums. The song in its entirety is pretty good, the song pulls together and at the end of the song you are left with a nice Contemporary Rock Song. Poetry along with Firefly probably has the best potential for acquiring radio airplay out of the four songs on the EP

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