Playdeaf – Super Sexy Market

Playdeaf – Super Sexy Market

Playdeaf – Super Sexy Market pounds their Metal Riffs and Rhythms right into your Skull.

How these guys are not all over the radio yet is beyond me. There are probably at least three songs which I can see having the ability to take over the airwaves. In a time where radio is basically rounded off by a handful of bands, Playdeaf maybe our answer to breakaway from the control which has been bestowed on us.

Super Sexy Market starts off with the song “Alien Baby” and a opening riff that immediately explodes the album wide open. Just the starting of the song is just a taste of what is to come throughout the album. Right from the first time that I listened to this song I replayed the opening riff about five or six times before I let the song play on.  Putting the guitars to the sidelines for a second which is pretty hard to do in this song there is Jeff’s vocals which puts this song over the top for me. This song is one of the few which could break Playdeaf out of being an indie band. Even having the strength and tempo change during throughout the verses in the song, the guitars still come out and kill it.

A heavy bass line leads into the next song on the album which is also the title track “Super Sexy Market”. The rhythm to the song is something that can not be ignored. The heaviness/deepness to the rhythm is what really makes the song stand out to me. If the rhythm was to be played at a higher pitch I don’t think the song would be as effective as it is. One thing that I noticed during the song is how much the bass guitar plays into effect, it really gives the song that extra little bit of power also at around the two minute mark to break the song up a little bit the Bass gets its own solo for about ten seconds. The vocals are also another highlight of the song they come out at just the right tone and pitch, there is a slight touch of rasp added which goes along with the tone which is neither too high nor too low. One section of the song which I didn’t feel matched to the rest of the song was the ending of the song, it should have finished heavy after the guitars and drums stopped the first time.

These are just the first two songs on the album, there are still eleven more songs to go on the album. Throughout the duration of the album the guitar riffs and rhythms which are going to get this band noticed.