Prayer Wheels Spring EP

PRAYER WHEELS - Spring EP - cover

Prayer Wheels
Spring EP
Spring Ep from Prayer Wheels is a good starting off album for the band. With the proper mixing and mastering I could see this album popping out a little bit more on the college and University charts. With having a “Choir” or large vocal programming throughout the album the sound is a bit of a deal breaker for me. I would really like to hear and see the group vocals have a bigger “pop” off of the album and have more of a commanding and polished voice on the album.

The instrumental aspect of the album has a fitting sound with the vocals throughout the album. The tempo fits right into the choir aspect of the album. The lead guitar is used in a slight picking tone which again fits into the vocals and doesn’t over saturate the overall sound. The tones of the guitars are also used in a higher frequency which helps out with the pop sound of the album. Prayer Wheels also have the drums kept at a minimum as well which is a definite great idea especially with the mixing of the album with the way it is. It wouldn’t take much to completely hide the vocals on the album at all.

For a first single off of the album I would go with the more uplifting track titled “Cavalier”. The opening pop sound of the guitars gives the track a good head start. This is one of the tracks where proper attention of mixing and mastering the vocals would indeed come in hand, especially with the group vocals. The bridge work in the song picks the energy up in the song where it gets left off a little bit with the vocals.