Project Mars – Don’t Hold Back

Project Mars – Don’t Hold Back

Here are the easy as fuck directions to follow when you first listen to Don’t Hold Back by Project Mars, Crack A Beer, Put Don’t Hold Back in Stereo, Turn Volume to 10, Hit Play and hold the fuck on.

Project Mars waste no time at all before they are tearing it up with “Push’N”. Right away in the intro they nail your ears with a heavy mad mix of Hard Rock/ Metal guitar riffs. The intro quickly gets you thirsty for more than meet Ron Henry when kicks in with what is the ultimate sound of Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal Vocals. Throughout the song the timing between Ron, Jason Conolly and Mars Juarez on drums is impeccable, hearing the timing on this album can only create a vision on what it looks and sounds like live (Which now I have to see).  The guitar riffs in the intro are only a fraction on what they have in store during the rest of the song, my favourite riff in the song hits at the 1:45 mark of the song.  The mashed up ending between everyone only screams the final song in a concert (heavy).

The members of Project Mars are Adam Gauvin on Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals, Ron Henry on Guitars and Lead Vocals, Jason Connolly on Guitars and Vocals, Mars Juarez on Drums and Backing Vocals.

“Hey!” if there is ever a song that is going to get a band noticed by anyone then this song has that written all over it. Man, all I can think about during in this song is the crowd fist pumping and chanting “Hey!” with Project Mars. Even if you take away the “Hey” you are still left with kick ass vocals and deep cut guitar riffs.  The guys have seemed to master the theory behind a strong intro as “Hey!” again slams out another heavy intro.  The Riff that hits at the 2:00 minute mark is just flat out sweet sounding there is just no other way to describe it.

The Title track off the album “Don’t Hold Back” finishes off the six song album. The thoughtful and meaningful lyrics in this song is a perfect example of how Project Mars have gotten behind many different charity events and also have dedicated this album to all of the Canadian Soldiers past and present.  To put a stronger effect on the lyrics the tempo got slowed down a little compare to the other tracks on the album, but the strength behind the vocals and guitars/drums is still there however. I don’t think you could ever take away the effect that the vocals have on the song.  Everything that the band has built up throughout the album seems to all come together to finish off the album, the Timing, all of the guitar riffs and the heavy deep cut Rock vocals put out for one final display.

You can pick up your copy of Project Mars – Don’t Hold Back by visiting Project Mars Website