Puttin On The Foil Fired Up, Ready To Roll


Now here is one Fuck of an album especially when it comes to the lyrics in the song. The album is a cross between country, Metal and Rock. The lyrics, how in the hell do I even start explaining the lyrics in this album. For me the lyrics are some of the funniest ones that I have heard in a real long time and that actually work within the song. If you are a fan of the Trailer Park Boys or just Construction humour and Country living humour then you have to check this album out. I would love to post every lyric that I kills me in each song but holy hell this entire page would be filled with one liners. Even the “Drunken Speeches” in between a few of the songs are priceless the first time you hear them. Now it’s not only the lyrics that win this album for me it is also the guitars and timing as well. There are series of guitar licks and solos that are breaded within each song. Check out those song titles.

Starting off this album is the best titled song I think I have ever come across before in my life “Shitshow”. The title spells out the song exactly what it is. Now being in construction and working on a construction site, and having this song blare from my truck while all the White Hats were standing ten feet from my truck was priceless. I recommend picking up this album just for this song like back in the 90’s when we couldn’t buy singles. Now it isn’t just the lyrics that kill in this song, well is pretty damn hard to say it isn’t all the lyrics but there is a few sweet metal/ rock guitar licks thrown in the song as well.

Now if I had to pick out my favourite line from the album and man there is a shit load of them that I have started to use at work but I would have to narrow it down to the song “Drunk and Naked” with the line “You’re looking good as a two four on a hot summers day”. Now trying to look past the lyrics in the song and it’s a hard one to do you need to feast your ears onto the guitars in the song. First off there is the main riff that plays out as a cross between Country and Rock and then there are the vocals from Trayne Rekk. His vocals are a real cross between Country and Rock especially when it comes to the “R” sound he really hits the country tone throughout the album.

Ten songs down the line you will find the final song “Ode To Drunk” the starting banter is all you need to start this one off. Also listen to the lyrics at the three minute mark, if you are outside at a campfire this is the song that you need to play just before you throw the match to the fire that you just finished filling with mixed gas, Because we all know you get a better percussion cloud from mixed gas instead of straight gas. If you were thinking that the intro talking was good then you definitely have to stick around for the guys to finish off the song and album.

Track Listing: Puttin’ On The Foil – Fire Up, Ready To Roll
1. Shitshow (3:08)
2. Comin’ In Hard’ (3:31)
3. Drunk & Naked (3:56)
4. Rowdy (3:46)
5. Fishin’ Song (4:00)
6. Sweet Prairie Vixen (3:20)
7. Giver To The Liver (3:37)
8. Let Me Be (3:48)
9. Raisin’ Hell (3:05)
10. Ode To Drunk (3:44)
Album Length: 36:01

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