Radio Free Universe Casa Del Diablo

Radio Free Universe
Casa Del Diablo
If you are looking for a classic 70’s rock album with a punch of 2017 mixed into it then you need to check out Casa Del Diablo by Radio Free Universe. This kind of album makes Gene Simmons eat his own words. Radio Free Universe kills it throughout their 12 tracks on this release.

Casa Del Diablo starts off with “American Girl”. What an opening track this song is, right from the introductory simple sounding Drum beat. Then when the vocals and Guitar riff kick in the song takes an exciting turn. I really liked how the song stayed easy going for as long as it did. Radio Free Universe also shows quickly how you don’t need a bunch of layering to lay out a great sounding rock song. The backing vocals do add a nice featuring sound for the lead vocals as well, they are put into the mix quite nicely.

The tempo of the album gets pushed up when “Disclosure” hits your ears up next. This time it’s the guitar riff that grabs your ears attention with a catchy riff. The vocals are at a great and crazy sounding pitch throughout the song. I imagine this track must cause a bit of discomfort on the vocal chords when they play the song live, and I bet it sounds just as incredible as well live.

For me “!8 Wheels” is the standout first single I would have put out on Casa Del Diablo. The guitar riff and rhythm does most of the work during this track. I would like to know what and who their influences were that went into this song, just due to the fact that I can think of a barrel of bands and methods that you could choose from. The lead guitar work in the song is something that I could listen to all day long. During a live show I bet they could stretch out the guitar solos quite a bit more. I’m also not shitting on the vocals as well they are also a major reason what makes this song work, but I’m still excited over the guitar work.