After listening to Pat Zelenka’s 2006 solo project LoFi Happiness I thought that I was going to hear the same style of music. Radiosoul shows another side of Pat Zelenka. Radiosoul is comprised of Steve Chapko on Drums and Vocals, Joel Butts on Bass Guitar and Pat Zelenka on Guitar and Vocals. The sound of Radiosoul is the music that is perfect for live bar scenes, or in other words they are an all out Classic Rock ‘n Roll band. If you were at a bar where Radiosoul was playing I could probably guarantee that you wouldnt leave until the night was over. Just listening to the first couple of songs they were catchy, there was a mini guitar and drum solo at the starting and the middle of the songs and that is just a taste from a couple of songs.

The first song on the album “Now, I’m Gone” got me right into the album. At the start of the song there is a drum solo that opens the song up. I found that there wasnt really any kind of flaw in this song. The instruments are all tightly played, also the lyrics I could see was sang at a louder tone which caught my ears.

“Chelsea’s Blues” is the fifth song on the album. Just like the title of the song this is a blues song. Without any lyrics in the song the guitar and the keyboard carries the song throughout its duration. Bruce Ignatowski helps out with the keyboards on this track and also on “Sheer Divineness”. I found that the keyboards helped out with this song, when the guitar was finishing the riff, the keyboard was there to pick up the when the guitar was getting quiet.

“Blind Leading The Blind” picks up the speed where “Clearer Through The Mirror” (Track 4) left off. “Blind Leading The Blind” opens up with a little catchy riff it can also be heard throughout the track. This song I believe is a psychedelic era influenced song. A couple of bands that comes to my mind right away is The Doobie Brothers, Trooper, April Wine. All the songs on this album have the psychedelic era influence twinned within the songs, but this song stood right out to me to be a prime example of this.

“Tell It Like It Is” is the heaviest song on the album. The sound from the guitar at the starting of the song, sounds a lot like the same deep sounding distorted guitar sound that Neil Young when he uses his electric guitar at the start of Hey Hey, my my (Into The Black); (but not the same riff as Neil Young just the guitar sound). If you like the sound of fingers moving quickly from chord to chord this is the song for you. The only problem that I found with this song was that it is the shortest song on the album with a length of 2:18.

“Sheer Divineness” finishes off the album. This is another song that has been slowed down compared to the rest of the songs on the album. Pink Floyd came right to my mind when I started to hear the song. The song is filled with a slow bleeding guitar sounds.