Rashmi – Puzzle



The title of the album Puzzle sums up the overall attitude and tone for the recently released album by Rashmi. There is such a wide array of sounds, styles and genres that really you could call the all the songs the pieces to the puzzle.

There is no definitive or direct driving sound to the album, each songs takes on its own sound and status. The songs range from blues, folk, jazz, pop, country and even your small city indie release.

There is an interesting avenue which Rashmi took with the title track on the album. She has released two different versions of the track one being a slower acoustic version and the second version being more of a blues version. If you are a fan of Kansas then you will probably be pulled towards this version of the song. The slower version even has traces of the fading vocals throughout the song, which is also accompanied with an acoustic guitar with the strings being picked at a moderate tempo for the song. The extra string section that is played in the background really adds a nice flavour and sound to the song and helps fill out the song as well.

“Shadows” is a song that adds an interesting piece to the album. The song has many different sound attributes but I would like to narrow it down to kind of following along a stepped down flamenco sound. It’s almost as if you are listening to two different songs as the vocals and the acoustics have a different approach to the song. The backing harmonies in the song hit at just the right moments and do no over saturate the song.

Now just as the end of the album is approaching the second version of Puzzle plays. With this version of the song the string picking is now played by an electric guitar. The Bass definitely gives the song its groove. The extra string section in the song gives the song a nice ambient sound. The percussion to the song is also down in a swell tone to follow along with the groove and deepness of the bass.