Reasons Behind – The Alpha Memory


Italian Metal band Reasons Behind has brought a new meaning to a concept album to me on with their debut full length release titled The Alpha Memory. Not only are the song songs played out as a musical theatre concept, Reasons Behind also has a great story to go along with the album which only helps peak your interests into understanding the songs as best as you can.

The album uses many different techniques to bring out the story throughout the album. The wandering and explosive keys and synth from Dario definitely reign across the album and really help give the songs a mystic and gothic sound. The often “soprano” vocals from Elisa for me definitely leads “the way” for the album. Throughout the album Elisa’s vocals tear apart any heavy conceptions that you may have with how your Metal Vocals should sound. It’s no wonder why she been labelled a Metal Diva by many different magazines and blogs, also doesn’t hurt that she solely graces many of the bands photos as well. The backing and duo vocals really put a heavy emphasis on the lyrics as well. The harmonizing is beautifully complete and gives the songs an extra layer.

The album goes through many different accent and mood changes throughout its duration as the story unfolds. There are so many different techniques that Reasons Behind has layered into these songs which really gives something for almost every Metal fan to find something that they would listen to. One of my favourite aspects is obviously the vocals but secondly is the fact that they throw in a few old school riff metal sections to their songs as well. Fabio definitely gives the songs a hammering and unyielding approach on the skins, it is nothing to hear him explode on the kick drum during the album, I like the fact that he doesn’t over cloud the song with his drum kit and keeps within the certain boundaries of the songs.

The title track is one song that you definitely need to check out. Reasons Behind has put all of their theory and meticulous writing abilities behind this song. To start the song off you get a fantastic vocal performance from Elisa with Dario playing the piano in the background providing a soft and complementing sound to the song. For an extra effect Reasons Behind has layered on an extra synth sound to give the song a chilling/horror movie effect. Just after the two minute mark the electric guitar and drums kick in to turn up the power and Metal edge to the song. Overall the instrumental aspect with the keys and guitars colliding give the song quite a different sound. “The Alpha Memory” also plays a crucial part in the success of the album as the song is used to close out the album with only a sound effect track playing afterwards.