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Recovery Child


Recovery Child’s On Being And The Affect is filled with Alternative Progressive / Aggressive Rock Songs.

On Being And The Affect is the debut album from Recovery Child. The album has opened many doors for Recovery Child which has led the band to play in many of Ontario’s major Concert bars which include The Horseshoe , Lee’s Palace, The Rivoli and the Mod Club. Not forgetting to mention the Airplay in which Recovery Child has achieved. Such Accomplishments having their songs streamed across XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, and appearing on College and University radio stations across Canada and the USA.

The members of Recovery Child include Gord Davidson on Drums, Dave Palmer on Bass Guitar, Ryan McCambridge on Lead Vocals and Guitar and Greg McEvoy on Guitar.

The first song that I would like to talk about is the first song off of On Being And The Affect which is “Trigger Me”. The song starts off with the sound of a guitar just being plugged in with the sound skipping before the song takes off. The skipping part got me the first time that I listened to the song as I thought that I somehow scratched the Album right after I took the Shrink Wrap off of it. Once you have listened to “Trigger Me” you know what you are in store for the rest of the album. The sound that comes out of the drums and the Guitars is really where you can gather the Aggressive sound out of Recovery Child, but mostly to me it is the Drums. About halfway through the song it slows down in speed, to me it is the drums that really stand out and seems to make the vocals take a back seat for this verse in the song.

“Whisper” is another single that Recovery Child has released as a single off of the album. This song was a good choice in releasing it as one of the singles off of the album. I really like the starting of the song as it picks right up where “Trigger Me” left off. “Whisper” however does have a change in the Tempo during a couple of verses in the song. The song really leads itself into having a very friendly radio capabilities, as it could be played as an Alternative track or a Rock song.

“A Life In Kinetic” is the second last song on the album. If I had the choice in deciding which songs that will be released as singles this would be a definite choice for me. This song follows the flow, and sticks to the same tempo changing ways and most of the songs do on the album. I am finding that when the tempo changes in “A Life In Kinetic” or any other song on the album, when the Tempo slows down you find yourself waiting and influenced into the song as you wait for the verse that picks the Tempo straight back up again. This sound and style that comes off and out of this song could be derived from such artists as Daughtry, Matt Mays, and Sam Roberts just to name a couple because I could fill this whole page with band names. The starting of the song really is where the hook of the song is, right from the start and from the word “GO” the song picks up speed and takes off. The vocals are a little more Raw and sound a bit scorched which sounds great, it gives the lyrics in the song a little more strength. The vocals gives you the feeling that the album is about to finish, an example of this would be when you are at a concert and you can pretty much tell when the band is about done their set. This is the sense of a ending that you can pick off from the song.

You can pick up your own copy of Recovery Child’s album at or at their own website