Red Cain

red-cain-ep-cover2Red Cain
Self Titled

In about a weeks time Red Cain will be releasing their Debut Self Titled EP. The album is a well round and interesting and experimental Metal album. I don’t think I have heard a Metal album before with such an experimental aspect to it before. The layers that comprise each track are quite interesting, and entertaining. A European Metal sound is definitely there, but there is also a progressive or almost industrial aspect to their sound as well. I am for sure not scared to throw around the experimental Metal sound around with the album as well. The vocals also hit at a few different measurements as well, within the backing and lead vocals.

Right from the get go Red Cain shows us their European sound, with the almost medieval sounding intro with the opening track “Guillotine”. The Symphonic measurement is also used but at a basic and simple sound. Once the vocals hit in the track they are almost buried behind the exciting, interesting and powerful instrumental aspect of the track. The guitars and drums are simply put a full on driving machine in the track up until the three minute mark where the tempo drops right off for a few moments and ops for a classical/orchestra approach. Actually there is quite an array of different genres and sounds that goes into this track. The creation of this track must have been an exciting and mixed emotional bag at times. I was brought aside by the synth and 80’s style that hit later on in the track. Depending on your take with the track you may take either side with the vocals being buried later on in the track from the sheer force of the drums, guitars and synth.

The intro to “Hiraeth” for me stands right out from the album, this is where the Metal hits the best for me in the album. The guitar work in the track is something to hear. I am a little upset that it was buried a little beneath all of the layers in the track in a few different spots. The backing synth track I could have done without. The higher frequency sound I found didn’t fit in with the song at all. I seem to think that there was a reason behind this synth as it does bring forth the sound that I have listened to previously throughout the album, but here I just don’t believe or see how its’ fitting. I do like how the same intro guitar riff hits again later on in the track as the bridge. I think also the guitars speak to me a that much more due to the fact that I favour the sound/tone of the guitar. Again the experimental sound comes into play as the song progresses into the end.

For me what would be really interesting is seeing this album being played live. I would really like to see how they progress on the solos and how they unify all of the layers in the album into a live setting.