Reece Noisebox



Noisebox E.P by UK rockers Reece is a Rock and Blues album. Each song on Noisebox has its own unique sound and influence. Even within the four track on Noisebox they managed to fit in a lighter acoustic rock ballad.

The blues aspect comes with the opening track “Fear”. The guitars are a little more strung up to be a solid blues number so it more or less falls under a Rock/Blues mix. The Guitars are what bring the blues element to life in the track. The vocals keep the Rock aspect of the song in check.  The timing between the drums and guitars are quite nicely put together throughout the track. This would be my first pick as the single to run with off of the album.

“Peace and Harmony” borders along the edge of a rock ballad as well I would think. The acoustic rendering at the beginning of the track almost sets the tone for the entire track. For some reason when I first listened to “Peace and Harmony” instantly the memory of Blaze Bailey’s track “Soundtrack of My Life” popped into my head (lyrically speaking).

The title track off of the E.P Noisebox is the definite Rock song from the E.P. This track is the one that brings the energy to the album. The track is a mix of eighties Rock and today’s current sound. The work between the verses is put together nicely, it doesn’t lack the energy or breaks away from the overall sound of the track.

The final track on the E.P is the acoustic/electric “I Won’t Let this Go To Waste”. The track isn’t a full on ballad there is just a bit too much energy and sound for that but it’s pretty close. The almost hidden guitar work that plays out in the background in the track adds a bit of a different sound to the track.