Rend Battlecry

 Rend Battlecry


Rend has released their brand new Ep energetic electro/pop titled Battlecry.


Battlecry is a five song ep, with songs that are packed full of energy (Battlecry, Hide) and with the other tracks being waned down quite a bit to a moderate piano orchestrated style (No Lines), then to polish off the album one last piano driven song vocally charged (Monster) and this song contains a fierce backlash to give the album an extra kick.


The album starts off with the title track “Battlecry”. The starting of the song has interesting twist of a sound with the keys, drums and guitars all playing at different tones. The keys hit at a definite higher note than everything else. After the opening the song goes almost in a different direction all together than what I was originally expecting to hear. In under a minute into the song and album Carol-Lynne is quick to show us the strength of her vocals. Her vocals keep a great tone as she goes into her stronger vocals which helps keep the strength of the song alive. Steve gets to mix in a great sounding guitar riff into the song during the bridge which then helps lead into the next verse. Even when Carol-Lynne finishes off the song in a screaming fashion her vocals don’t lose the touch that they had throughout the song.


“No Lines” now if there was any television drama show or movie looking for a new song to place in their show then they really need to take a listen to this song. The orchestrated drama which unfolds in this song should be quite easy to pick up. With a Jazz/Pop sound Carol-Lynne shows us the true power of her vocals in this song. The softer touch she puts on the higher notes adds quite a bit of character to her vocals and the song. The vocal and instrumental arrangements in “No Lines” flow together immensely to create the strength of the song and album as a whole.


“Monster” adds a different sound and volume to the album. The overall production in the song is a definite step up from the rest of the tracks. The orchrestrated sound is there but in steps the electric guitars and 80’s computer sounds to add into the mix of the song. The vocals are as strong as the previous tracks but it is the instrumental aspect of the song which makes a stand when finishing off the album. The drama in Carol-Lynne’s vocals has been stepped up immensely which really stands out in the song. If I had the chance I would really like to check this song out live.

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