Return For Refund

return for refund

The self titled Ep starts off with “The Fields”, right away Drew shows you that he is more than in control of the this three piece band from Toronto. His catchy hooks and licks are evident throughout the album. Right away with the combination of the guitars and vocals I immediately picked up a sense of 90’s alternative which is also evident throughout most of the songs on the album. To start the song off Drew plays a nice and easy going opening intro. The bass guitar really helps the song flow through between the intro and the opening verse, and really throughout most of the song the bass is quite noticeable and creates a follow through flow during a couple of occasions. The bridge work after the two minute mark is the highlight of the song for me.

“Between The Sheets” has a unique sound as it sounds nothing like anything else on the album. The song is a cross between a few different genres The opening guitar riff is what originally brought me into the song, it would be interesting to hear a slide slipped into the opening riff and throughout the song where it appears again. The “Hey” chanting that appears a couple of times during the songs adds a an alright layer to the song, which I bet would sound better during a live setting and having the audience pick up on it. The Lyrics in the songs are definitely worth checking out, I started to laugh the first time I listened to the song.

The use of different guitar tones definitely adds quite a bit of character to the album. With each song you get a total different sound. By having their sound change up in each song it does keep Return For Refund away from a specific sound. It does however give you a flavourful first couple of listens before you get comfortable with the album. There is also an acoustic side of the band as well, we don’t get a taste of that on this album but you can check it out live.

1. The Fields
2. Tv Light
3. Between My Sheets
4. Yolo
5. Some Is Better Than None
6. Those Bombs

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