Rhine An Outsider


An Outsider

An Outsider by Rhine has to be one of the most interesting and intriguing Metal albums that I have ever listened to. I have run through this album more times than the average album I review. The innovation and experimentation on this album is definitely what sets this album apart from any Most if not all Metal albums. Rhine has experimented and tested the lines out with every aspect within this album especially when it comes to the length of the songs. The total length of the album is just over seventy minutes, the opening song itself “Dreaming Of Death” runs almost twelve minutes.

I bet watching this album live would be quite the experience to see. This is one album that you wouldn’t be able to take in at your local Metal/Rock Venue.

The writing and recording process for this album had to be excruciatingly long and difficult. The writing process I think must have been the most difficult part of the two. One would be from the many different samples that they have used throughout the album. This is also an album that you have to use your noise cancelling headphones on, there is quite a bit of noise, and sampling playing out in the background. Two, would be all the of the different techniques that they used with the keys, drums and guitars. There must be a few versions of each song floating around on demo tapes. The vocals are also used in a contrasting effect throughout each song as well. I found the vocals really help decide which way the song is going to go and also helps with the overall sound in each song. The vocals from Gabe Tachell have such a dynamic impact when they are needed, throughout the album especially on your first impression through An Outsider, I can say your ears and mind will be clearly thrown around with his emotional delivery at times. The intentions for the delivery can either be met with a full growl and scowl approach and even brought all the way down to a folk/rock delivery.

Each song on the album acts as its own entity. I tried looking for a hidden bridge that could link and pull each song together but I couldn’t really find anything. I thought I was close to something then when the track “Somewhere” came on any thoughts that I did have quickly dissipated as the song progressed. When I heard “P.R.E.Y” for the first time this song caught me right off guard, I didn’t expect to hear the renaissance intro that plays at all.