Rise For Order

Rise For Order


The 90’s Alternative, Grunge, Metal, and Rock sound is reborn with an added touch of New Age Punk sound mixed in. Rise For Order has delivered all of these genres mixed in with their self titled album. This album is the sound that people used to and still do die and live for. With the Lead singer Johnny muscling his way at the front of the band Rise For Order is bringing what we all loved and still do back to the main stream.

Rise For Order is based out of Toronto, there are five members that make up the band. Johnny Goltz who shows the muscle of the band is on Lead vocals. Trevor McLeod who is behind the many riffs plays Lead Guitar. The melodic smooth Bass Guitar is played by Chad. T-Bag plays the infectious Rhythm guitar, on the malicious skins Jorge Pereira takes the seat.

There are too many bands to name to explain the sounds of Rise For Order, but here is a couple to give you and idea and make up your mind about their sound Rage Against the Machine, Project Wyze, Janes Addiction, Pearl Jam.

“Freeze Frame” is the first song up on the album. Listen is the first word spoken in the song and listen is what you should do. The starting riff is nice and heavy, the scream in the background is what I like the best about the opening of the song. To me it is the drums that really shine out in this song. The opening bass drum shows what you are in store if you are just listening to the drums. The bass drum gets used like most hardcore punk bands use the bass drum.

The opening guitar riff starting of “Out Of Control” leads right into a heavy drum roll then an awesome scream kicks. The rich deep sound of the background vocals singing “Watch you slip away” is a nice touch to the song. I am finding throughout the tracks that the vocals are at the right pitch for the songs. The vocals are not as deep as the guitars are not too high to throw the song completely off. The vocals tend give the songs a little bit more character than if the vocals were at the same pitch as the instruments. What I also like in this song is how at 2:30 the song slows down and slowly builds itself back up again and lets Johnny give out another bled out scream, and not forgetting to mention the deep sounding backing vocals.

The last track “Not Enough” is my favourite off of the album. This is the 90’s Alternative Rock song that we all loved. Rage Against the Machine comes straight to my mind every time when I hear this song. There is nothing that I could recommend to make this song better. This song is gratifying to the in your face Rock/Alternative that you could ever want in a song. The tones of the vocals are great throughout the track. They come off raspy, and become stronger in the right places to. The best verse in the song is the last one, when “Watch your back” is repeated. There is nothing really special about it but I like the difference the sound is with a bit more energy put into the lyrics.