Rise Of Dissension

2014 ROD CD out front

Kingston if you wanted a Heavy Hitting Metal album then this is your Album the debut Self titled release from Rise Of Dissension.

Born from the ashes of a few Metal Bands in Kingston, Rise Of Dissension has pulled together twelve In Your Face, Hard Hitting, Headbanging, Riff Killing Metal Jams.

I got to see the songs live first before I got to hear the recorded versions and I was blown away then, and I didn’t even get to hear all of their songs either.

Right from the F’N Get Go, Lord Of The Damned gives your ears a proper shot of Metal Rise Of Dissension style. The opening riff hits you right away and there is not a chance in hell that you are not going to start headbanging to the song. The entire rhythm of the song nails what Metal stands for. Then there is Andrew on lead guitar that hits at just the right moments and kills it in the bridge. The tone difference between the lead and the rhythm really extends the pressure and feel that the lead gives out during the song. The timing between Landon on drums and the guitars is something that just cannot go unnoticed, throughout the song Landon nails the song, one spot in particular that stands out for me and the same instance happens a couple of other times during the song check out the timing at the 3:07 mark Landon follows the quick chord changes from the guitars and has it blend in perfectly, I have found myself playing back the song from the three minute mark a few times just to hear this quick but powerful sound. For a first single off of the release this would be the one I would definitely go with.

The next song “Backstabbing God” speeds things up quite fiercely. The deep shrieks and growls doesn’t follow what “today’s” Metal standards seem to follow by, yet instead he gives ya more of a Pantera sound but heavier and a little cleaner. The Bass guitar gives the song a good deep beat which lends a hand for the effectiveness of the kick drum. Just after the two minute mark “Backstabbing God” changes tempo for a quick moment for a backing vocal chant, which may or may not work on the recorded version but to hear and watch the song live this moment in the song got the crowd chanting and fist pumping right back to Rise Of Dissension.

Now here is a song that I’m happy to see get “Resurrected” with Rise Of Dissension playing a version of DSB “Untrue”. The heavy riffs are a perfect match for this album and the overall sound of Rise Of Dissension.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the first thirty seconds of “Kill At Will”, and try not to turn away from Rise Of Dissension at any point.

To finish off the album Rise Of Dissension placed one Killer and Heavy Handed version of “War Machine” from Kiss. The guitars and drums are tuned up for this one, and Doug’s vocals is what puts this song over the top.


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