River Of Kings – The Sway

river of kings


Today is the Day June 9th that The Sway from River Of Kings is released.

The intro track is a tough one to choose whether it belongs or not as the track doesn’t seem to float with the rest of the album. I could see the track being used on a full length album but on a Ep I think it’s pushing the EP Boundaries a little bit. The track does harbour in a bit of a U2 sound with the vocals from Jordan. As the track progress I found the guitar rhythm really helped separate the song and push it along.

Quickly Jordan shows that consistency is key when it comes to his guitar playing in the next track “Damage”, as the guitar picks up the song and carries it away. There is definitely no comparison when it comes to the power of the vocals to the guitars in the track. I do like the backing “Echoing” vocals that appear in the song, they add that extra layer onto the track. If you are a fan of The Odds you might enjoy this track as well. The instrumental break that happens just after the halfway mark in the song for me is where the song is at.

So the next song “Caught In The Sway” had me going at the beginning of the track when I first listened to the album, as it flows off of the previous track and I was caught by surprise with the all of a sudden tempo change in the track. Radiohead fans you might enjoy the sound that becomes with the tempo change but I definitely preferred the intro sound in the track.

“On The Surface” adds a bit of a space/oddity sound to the album. By adding a track such as this onto the album I start to wonder if Jordan is still experimenting with his sound. The vocals completely change the texture and overall sound in parts. The track is a little difficult to wrap my head around, and I can’t really see the full direction in the song.