Rob Moir – Adventure Handbook

Rob Moir

Rob Moir
Adventure Handbook
The latest release from Rob Moir titled Adventure Handbook is more than just your average Singer Songwriter folk album. Beyond the folk entities of the album Rob leaves so much for open for interpretation and experimentation. Rob does not shy away from adding in different influences and styles throughout the album, leaving each song with it’s own life and sound. For myself I was drawn towards the East Coast sound that is embedded throughout the pockets of the album. With the East Coast sound I draw this conclusion more or less from Rob’s vocals, and guitar playing style. Now speaking of vocals Rob does sing with a wide range of different behaviour characteristics which give each song its unique sound. You do receive your perceived folk sound during the album but Rob does not pertain to this particular sound throughout the album. Rob can go from this “Folk Sound” and then smoothly switch to a pop, and slight abrasive rock sound (In a good Abrasive way). “True Love” is a face example of the vocal sampling that you will hear, but don’t skip way down the album just to hear this way for yourself to be led down the album into this track.

With each song taking on its own derivative sound I will expect you will find a few favourites throughout this ten song album such as I have. Leading off for a single to send off to radio would be a difficult choice in having to make, but for me I would go with “Ports of Call”, or possibly “Run For Your Life”.

Now for my favourite song off of Adventure Handbook is “Ports Of Call”. This song brings out the East Coast flavour but in a full direct hit. The song opens up with a simple yet intriguing Electric guitar being played, if you are a fan of the opening riff such as I am then your ears will be pleasantly met as the same riff hits a couple of more times during the song. For me a lot of my favouring towards this song comes from the upbeat tempo. Rob also uses different tones and attributes with his vocals to give the song a bit more of a bite. One problem with the song is the fact that the length of the song is TOO short, I would love to hear a nice 3-4 minute version of this song instead of the 2:19 version. I also found the drums in the song is nicely executed throughout the song. The snare and kick drum is quite cleverly played throughout especially towards the end of the song.

Further on in the album another gem of a song plays titled “The Wilderness I Know”. The song taps right into a different groove compared to what you would have heard thus far on the album. The rhythm of the song is kept nice and simple and easy going with Rob’s vocals coming in at a higher pitch. It’s the blues sound of the guitar and rhythm that I’m attracted to in the track.