Rococode – Guns, Sex & Glory

 Rococode – Guns, Sex & Glory

Do not let the album title fool you at all with Guns, Sex & Glory as the album has almost the exact opposite sound and variation from what you imagining.

With the collaberation of musicians that Rococode has it is no wonder why their album sounds the way it does. The ever minding Indie experimental/arts pop sound shine and shouts right out throughout the album. Leaning more of a Indie pop sound than anything else yet there still seems to be the small hints of an Indie Rock sound as well.

Throughout the most of the songs on the album Laura really commands most of your attention either it being with her vocals or from her synth/keys. The experimental/arts pop aspect of the album for me is heavily weighted from her performance throughout each song.  The echoing vocals provided in such songs as “Ghost I” provides a different take and sound just incase you were getting comfortable with the album so far. Listening to the album for the first time I really didn’t know what to expect just before each song was going to begin. The album doesn’t have a steady sound flow which leads into an exciting first listen also may mean that Rococode maybe still searching for their own sound.

The album opens up with a short intro song “Concentrate On Me” with what sounds as if the song is a grand  mixture of the band members previous bands and local Vancouver influences all combining together. The song really helps partially lead you into what you are going to experience over the remaining songs on the album.

The second song “Empire” sounds as if the song is following along the backside of “Concentrate On Me” with the starting hook of the song. If you are looking for an album that is filled with instrumental hooks then this is the album for you. Many of the songs including “Empire” I found is filled with hooks which grab your attention even if it is only for a couple of seconds in each song. Laura’s vocals adds a couple of different levels and motions throughout the song, as she sings in a energetic pop fashion to match her keys/synth and yet she adds a softer slice within her vocals which I found changes the tone and placement of the song.

The third song “Blood” has an incredible amount going for the song. First off just as I misjudged the music with the album title the title of this song “Blood” offers the same misjudgement. Opening up with a catchy acoustic guitar sounding intro after a quick ghostly sound clip. The lead vocals in the song are traded off to Andrew with Laura singing backup vocals. The Synth adds quite a few different effects throughout the songs duration, and even adds in a few catchy beats as well. The Scream of “Blood” near the halfway mark of the song caught me off guard the first time through the song, the song turns in a quite different direction for a quick moment afterwards but luckily the song returns to as it was before the mild mannered break.

You can pick up your copy by visiting They are also playing Kingston at the Mansion on March 23