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Rat King Racket
Now here is a Metal album that is just as interesting as the band name Room Of The Mad Robots and album title Rat King Racket. Each song on this album has a completely different sound and atmospheric sound. This is an album where you can probably creates lists of influences from obscure bands all the way to mainstream bands. If I were to single out a particular band that I heard the most I would probably say it is Tool. “Merely” for example is a Tool influenced song. Another aspect about this album that works for me is the fact that album is English, and this is with Room Of The Mad Robots being from Budapest, Hungary.

The vocals from Péter Mári throughout the album give each song the vibrant hit of interesting and intriguing sound. Péter is not afraid to test the boundaries within a Metal class/genre, especially when he burries down and uses a soft and low but effective style. The backing vocals also seem to find a suiting place within each song as well. To see a change in vocals you have to/need to check out “Thorax Tales”. Vocals wise this is my favourite track on the album.

Another interesting note I must make is the guys have really focussed on using sound bytes and special effects to their advantage throughout the album as well. The various sound effects really become useful when they are used to shift into the next song.

For a Metal album Room Of The Mad Robots have an ideal use of exploration and exploitation with using many different styles and sounds. Radio wise I could honestly see a couple of songs having potential in bringing the guys to the airwaves. A couple of songs I would pick from are “Enomaly”, “Merely”and “Cavities”. Now “Cavities” is a bit of a long shot but with the vocals with “Take The Best Shot” chant might enough to put the song over. “Merely” is my definite number one choice to send to radio. For me it’s the nineties Alternative sound that shrouds my judgement over every other track on the album.