Rusted Brain High Voltage Thrash

Rusted Brain

High Voltage Thrash

High Voltage Thrash is exactly what you get as Rusted Brain Unleashes their fierce sound with their debut full length album.

With one of the best clip intro’s that I have heard in a while, Rusted Brain kicks off their album with a war/opera sequence which decently into their second track “Caught In The Fire”. Right away Rusted Brain proves why they can name their album High Voltage Thrash. The ferocious attack that blares out from the guitars and drums instantly should make your eyes open wide. Not only do they have a wicked sounding rhythm going in the song they layer on the shredding guitar solos as well. The vocals from Damian simply put are F’n awesome, quickly he shows us what Thrash Metal vocals are supposed to sound he adds just the right amount of fierce and ferocity that is mixed with a certain tone of anger. The first time I listened to this song I probably played it back at least three times just to try and take in the vicious drum playing by Benedykt.

Their influences are well received and noticeable throughout the album, mostly I have to note the high energy and sound from early Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax. This is the style of Metal/ Thrash that is unparalleled to anything else and the style that I relish the most.

“Waiting For Death” is one of my favourite tracks off the album. This is the fourth song on the album and by now Rusted Brain has solidified their killer sounding intros. They have managed to find a perfect balance between the drums and guitars where either kill each other out. The pick harmonics are small and quick but do signal the end of a progression and has a killing timing in sync with the drums. One of my favourite aspects about the song is when they slow down the song just enough to give the vocals that extra bit of strength to get their point across. Now what Thrash/Metal song would be without a guitar solo thrown in, just past the three minute mark they place another wicked guitar solo in which blends in with the song and doesn’t go over the top and completely leaves the realm of the song.

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