Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar Send The Nightingale

Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar - Send The Nightingale  Cover artSamantha Martin & Delta Sugar
Send The Nightingale

Right away I can guarantee that you will be swept away by the Samantha Martins powerhouse vocals. Send The Nightingale is probably one of the most vocal dominant albums that I have heard in awhile. Now Samantha’s vocals are not the only lethal force within the album she is also accompanied with Sherie Marshall and Stacie Tabb. This threesome of vocals gives the album and songs a diverse and touching sound. The Harmonies that are created throughout the album are enough to put the album over for me. Just listen to the closing track to Send In The Nightingale which is a a cappella song titled “Tell The Heavens”. You may think that this album is a gospel album, now Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar borrows elements of gospel in the vocals and guitars but they leave the gospel lyrical content behind. Still sliding along the gospel theme there is obviously a heavy dosage of blues and a deep roots element to the songs as well.

This album offers so many great songs to choose from which made it a difficult choice for me to pick my favourite. I eventually decided on the first song that caught my ears which was “Addicted”(After the initial ear opening vocal experience with “Tell The Heavens”). This song combines almost every genre and elements that you will hear throughout the album, admirable vocals, catchy guitar hooks, fetching lyrics. The way Samantha, Sherie and Stacie margins the vocals simply put is amazing, the way they harmonize the “Lead” and “Backing” vocals is so smooth and creamy. The easy going and soft sounding riff that is played throughout the song lends a helping hand with pushing out the vocals that extra bit. My favourite guitar hook in the song hits your ears a couple of times with the first one coming in at the 1:38 mark. The hook only lasts a couple of seconds and plays after “in the middle of the day”, the hook plays out the lyrics beautifully.

“Don’t Shoot” adds a country flavour to the album. The song is a mix of Country and blues, with the guitars bringing in the country zest to the song mainly visible in the intro and the bridge work. The vocals definitely bring the blues element to the song. The easy going mid tempo sound of the song leads your foot straight to tapping even before you consciously realizing your doing it.

For another foot stompin’ hand clappin’ good time you have to check out “One More Day”. Throughout the song your ears are going to be pulled straight to the vocals and the beat of the song and probably ignore the keys playing the in the background. I could almost say that you could write out all the instruments throughout the song except for the snare in the background up until you hit the guitar solo during the bridge in the song. When that solo hits I can only imagine what it is like to see this band play live.

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