Sanktuary Something Fierce



Something Fierce


Something Fierce is exactly what this album is, Sanktuary has recorded one of the best  Traditional Canadian Heavy Metal Album that I have listened to in a long ass time.

I have always found that there is no other Metal variation that can be compared to the traditional/Original Heavy Metal Sound.

The album starts off with a delayed fade in instrumental song titled “Deadly Prey” just long enough to give you a taste for what is about to come. The song undoubtedly takes off towards the sounds of early Metallica and captures their signature take on Traditional Metal.

“Deadly Prey” leads your ears right into the nest song “Heat Lightning”. There is not one aspect of this song that you would be able to turn away from. For me one of the many highlights of the song is the classic high pitched scream (not as high as King Diamond) from Alan. The Rhythmic melodic guitar riffs are nothing to shy away from. The guitar solos and rhythm combine together for a striking sound. Anders speed on the drums literally can take your ears away from the song a few times throughout, the speed and the combinations that he plays genuinely blends in with the guitar rhythm of the song. One thing I would change in the song however is the lengthy ten second dead air finish to the song I would have cut off the track the second the last crash of the cymbal happened.

“Thrill Of The Kill” Signs of the bands favouritism towards Thrash Metal is quite obvious in this track. It doesn’t take long for the band to gear up and tear the album wide open in this track. Anders just annihilating his drum kit early on in the song is a definite ode to the title of the song. One of the main aspects of the song that makes this song my favourite on the album is the vocals. The vocals are strong and mean sounding but the main point to me is you can hear and listen to every lyric that Alan is singing. The addition of the backing vocals adds a small but decent sounding touch to the song.

One song which completely caught me off guard the first time I was listening to Something Fierce was the acoustic instrumental song, “Beyond The Wall”. After listening to the album up to this point it was really the last thing on earth that I thought would appear through my speakers. I’m not sure on the exact thinking that led to placing the song on the album. If it was my call I would have placed the song as a bonus track on the album.